The Serenity Gatherings™

The Serenity Gatherings™ are part of Women in Serenity™ – themed events and resources exclusively for women, dedicated to rest and relaxation.

You can join face to face meetings, which include meditation and discussion or purchase a resource pack for your personal use at home.

Serenity has helped me to focus, find ‘myself’, go deep within, listen to my inner wisdom and ignore the outer chatter. I look forward to a space to ‘be’ and sparkle more in between times.

To find out more you can also subscribe to the Serenity mailing list to stay up to date here. You’ll also receive exclusive access to a closed Facebook group, as well as an online eGuide “Finding Serenity”. You might also like Women in Serenity, a dedicated website promoting women’s mental health using Mindfulness.

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