Rise… AND Shine!

Rise and Shine is a gorgeous three hour, morning session offering fascinating insights for busy women who want to positively manage their mental health.

This fun morning, exclusively for women, will:

  • Discuss early warning signs, offer simple stress solutions and what really makes us happy
  • Identify empowering steps for result-driven communication
  • Teach a tried-and-tested technique for effective relaxation and healthy sleep

Attendees will also receive exclusive access to a Guest Page in the Helping You Sparkle™ Gateway containing free online resources to compliment the workshop.

Date – to be announced.

What people say about Delphi’s workshops:

“Brilliant tips and insight.  Every part was useful.  Delphi was engaging, and interested in us too which was great.  Made it much more personal and applicable.”

“Very engaging with helpful tips.  An open and safe environment created.  Thank you.”

If you have an enquiry just get in touch using the form below.

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