A gorgeous full day workshop, offering fascinating insights for busy women who want to build their confidence, feel empowered, and positively manage their mental health.

Women who attend this fun, full day workshop will learn:

  • Simple stress solutions
  • The secret to ‘real’ happiness
  • Empowering steps for result-driven communication
  • Tried-and-tested technique for building resilience
  • How to ditch the guilt of self-care
  • Develop Wish List Creation for the Life You Want to Live

Cost £75 per person – early bird discounts available, ask for details.

Date – to be announced.

Like the sound of this, but want a half day workshop instead? Try this.

What people say about Delphi’s workshops:

“Brilliant tips and insight.  Every part was useful.  Delphi was engaging, and interested in us too which was great.  Made it much more personal and applicable.”

“Very engaging with helpful tips.  An open and safe environment created.  Thank you.”

To find out when the next workshop will be, get in touch.

Terms and conditions

The cost of half day workshops is £45 per person. A full day workshop can save you £15 before early bird discount (where applicable). No early bird discounts for half day workshops.

There is a cancellation policy for all events. Please ask for details.

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