Quiet Club

Please note that Quiet Club is not running during the Global Pandemic. However, you may find the information below useful.

When the world is noisier than ever, the need for quiet spaces is becoming more important, particularly for people who are at their best in relaxing surroundings.

Quiet Club is a peaceful gathering and peer group offering the opportunity for like-minded people to come together in quiet contemplation.

What’s involved?

When you arrive you’ll receive a warm welcome, and the opportunity for a cuppa . Then a gentle bell sounds, marking time to sit and enjoy peaceful surroundings through mindfulness meditation. There will be brief instruction and an opportunity to chat afterwards (completely optional).

The session lasts up to two hours. You don’t have to stay for the whole time and no previous experience of meditation is necessary.

Clubs available in Milton Keynes and Biggleswade. Prices start from £7.50 hour.

Example timings:

  • 6.30pm Arrival and refreshments
  • 6.45pm Guidance on the session and mindfulness meditation
  • 7pm Quiet period begins (this may include up to three guided meditations)
  • 8pm Time for questions and discussion (optional)
  • 8.30pm Session ends

Example total cost for attending 6.30pm to 8.30pm – £15. If you’d prefer to attend from 7pm to 8pm the example cost is £7.50. (We ask you to arrive just before so as to avoid disruption).

How to Book

Quiet Club is currently on hold due to COVID-19. To sign up for details about when the next Quiet Club is running click here. To ask questions about these events just fill in the form below.

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Please note these events run independently of any other “Quiet Clubs” that may run in the UK.

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