Why do we wake up so tired? This reason might surprise you (and a top tip to try)

According to various commentaries, including from the World Health Organisation, insomnia is a global problem*. People acknowledge that the pace of life affects our quality of sleep, technology makes us easily interruptible at all hours of the day, and quite honestly there seems to be more to worry about every single day. No wonder soContinue reading “Why do we wake up so tired? This reason might surprise you (and a top tip to try)”

Monday Mojo – Check Your Spoons

Have you heard of Spoon Theory? It’s a concept originally discussed by Christine Miserandino in 2003, that helps us measure our energy levels. Christine used it as a way of describing to a friend how she navigates the condition Lupus, and used the spoons as props to demonstrate. She explained that we might start theContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Check Your Spoons”

Monday Mojo – Start With Intention

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? If you’re on a roll, that’s amazing. But if you let out a big sigh, honestly don’t worry. For many people, by the third week of January, they’ve already face planted.  It happens. It’s normal. You’re not alone.  If the last two years have taught us anything, it’sContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Start With Intention”

Being Kind to Your Mind

Depending on which articles you read, there is a general assertion that we have somewhere in the region of 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. Of those, a fair percentage will be repetitive; what you think about today will be what you thought about yesterday, and you’ll think about tomorrow. We also know, many ofContinue reading “Being Kind to Your Mind”

The Benefits and Considerations of Establishing Peer Support

In 2005, with the help of a local midwife, I established a peer support group for pregnant women suffering with stress, depression and anxiety. Back then, it was estimated that around one in 10 pregnant women were suffering with ante-natal depression and other types of poor mental health in pregnancy; I had been one ofContinue reading “The Benefits and Considerations of Establishing Peer Support”