Day: March 4, 2019

Monday Mojo – Reset the Moment

How are you finding 2019 so far? At Saturday’s Serenity we reflected on how quickly we’ve arrived in March, and used the time and space to bring ourselves back to centre. We talked about how the year’s gone so far and, if we’ve steered off course a little, talked…

Monday Mojo – Feed Your Soul

When you’ve had a hard day, how do you take care of yourself? The world feels more intense when things aren’t going our way. If someone’s been unkind, or we feel we fell short in some way, it can knock the wind right out of our sails….

Clothing Range Launched to Help Fundraise for Mental Health Charity

Announcing the Helping You Sparkle™ online clothing range, offering fun, inspiring and thought-provoking clothes and accessories to raise awareness of mental health. Within the Mental Health Awareness Collection you’ll find must-have items for your wardrobe and, even better, a percentage of the profits are…

Monday Mojo – Trust Yourself

Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Trust Yourself Do you feel you generally make good decisions. That you get it right nine times out of 10. That you have complete faith in yourself. If you do, that’s great. But if you…

Monday Mojo – Seek Your Sparkle

What gets your tummy tingling with excitement?

Monday Mojo – Eat the Cake (metaphorically speaking)

Experience joy in this moment.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

During a recent workshop I was teaching, I asked the attendees what they would say to themselves if they dropped their wallets/purses at the checkout, and all the coins/contents scattered across the floor in front of them. Not one of them said they’d say…

About this Service

I’m Delphi Ellis, a Qualified Therapist and Mental Health and Wellbeing Trainer – Helping You Sparkle™. I provide talking therapies, workshops and classes promoting positive mental health.  My services are deliberately designed for busy people, who need to carve time out of their busy diaries…

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