Day: December 3, 2018

Monday Mojo – Take it Slow

Have you felt like you’ve been rushing around lately? It’s usually about now things feel a bit, well… hectic. Depending on what sort of year you’ve had, you might feel a sense of urgency to get 2018 firmly out of the way, and start the new…

Monday Mojo – Lean In

What do you when things get a bit tricky? When people are unkind. When stuff doesn’t go your way. When you’ve just about had enough. I talked in last week’s Mojo, about assembling your squad; knowing who’s in your corner when you need them…

Online Services and Resources

If you’re nervous about attending an event or booking a 1-1, you might like some of my resources and services available to purchase and access online. These include: Click here for The Mindfulness Starter Kit – This pack is available via my Kindfully website, dedicated…

Monday Mojo – Receive the Love

Monday Mojo: Feel-good motivation for the week ahead.

Stress Awareness Month – Top Tips – The Planning Hour

April is Stress Awareness Month so I will be sharing a few top tips over the next 30 days. Stress affects everyone and a certain amount of stress is healthy. But when it actually stops you getting stuff done, it’s time to look at…

Monday Mojo – Take It On

Monday Mojo: Feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Take It On.  Have you noticed how we adapt our behaviour, keep topics ‘off-topic’ and generally dance around the things we need to pay the most attention to, because of the shame or guilt we associate…

Managing Mental Health

Mental Health Service, help with depression, stress and anxiety in Milton Keynes

Help for Insomnia in Milton Keynes

Help with Sleep and Insomnia in Milton Keynes

The Power of Words: how mindful communication is good for your mental health

One of the workshops I deliver in Milton Keynes is for people who want to get their sparkle back and learn techniques for maintaining good mental health.  In one of the sessions, we talk about the Power of Words. Imagine for a moment you have…

5 Ways to Wellbeing – Be Active

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing is a campaign to raise awareness about simple strategies everyone can adopt for improving our overall mental health. Over the next few months, Helping You Sparkle™ is working alongside the Public Health team at Milton Keynes Council, focusing on and…

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