Day: July 2, 2018

Monday Mojo – Claim Your Power

How do you feel about power? We often think of power as a negative thing: Control. Aggression. Domination. Politics. Leaders. Greed. As if it’s the complete opposite of love. We also don’t like to feel power-less. We don’t want to lose our power to…

Monday Mojo – Find Your Sunshine

Monday Mojo – Find Your Sunshine Do you feel better when the sky is blue? Currently in the U.K. it’s a Bank Holiday weekend and the weather forecast is rain. Even without the ‘bad’ weather, Bank Holidays can be hard work. If you have…

Monday Mojo – Laugh a Little

Laughter really may be the best medicine.

Mindful Communication

Mindful Communication and Communication Skills for Professionals

It’s Time to Talk

2nd February in the U.K. is Time to Talk day, a national campaign focused on holding positive conversations and reducing the stigma around mental health.  If you know someone who has been struggling lately, why not drop them a text message or ask them…

Thought for the Day – Appreciate yourself 

Appreciate yourself.  You make a difference to the world, just by being in it. Recognise the contribution you make in your friendships, relationships, at work and at home. Remember how far you have come and the courage you have shown, to get where you…

Are you having weird dreams?

 It’s okay if you’ve been having unusual dreams – you’re not alone.  We all dream, every night, even if we don’t remember them – it’s science-y stuff, but nonetheless if you’re sleeping, you’re dreaming.  And your dreams have a story to tell. At a recent event, I…

Leave a little sparkle (even when it’s a bit tricky)

Sometimes, one o’ the hardest things is to be nice to someone you just can’t get your groove on with.  I don’t mean that in a weird way; I’m talking about people who just don’t click, you can’t connect with or just generally rub…

New Facebook Page

You can now find us on our new Facebook page.  For motivation, good vibes and positive mojo, take a look.

Thank you for using this service

Thank you for using this service. If you have paid, you should receive a confirmation email immediately.  If you do not receive an email, or need to provide more information, please use the contact form below. If you have not yet paid for the…

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