Counselling – Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling is a form of ‘talking therapy’ which gives people a safe, non-judgemental space to talk about their problems. Some people are nervous talking about their feelings, so I’ve offered some information below which may be useful.

If you are going through a period of stress, anxiety or depression, or have recently had a bereavement, it might help to talk about how you feel. You may be looking to make sense of your situation, explore a positive plan of action, to find what I call your “mojo” again, or you may just want someone impartial to listen.

I provide counselling for people going through a difficult period in their lives, and who might feel it’s time to get their sparkle back. You can find out more about me, my training, and the work I do here.

I provide sessions via telephone, Zoom and Google Meet, as well as face-to-face at my office in Milton Keynes where possible.

This service is available during working hours, with some telephone appointments available in the evenings. I am pleased to currently offer the first session, an initial consultation, free of charge. (I don’t provide counselling by email or text). Clients can also be given access to an online resource library where appropriate, included in their fee for the duration of the sessions. (Access up to 28 days).

Benefits of 1-1 counselling by ‘phone or call service like Zoom:

  • Sessions are available both inside and outside work hours (e.g. some evening appointments available)
  • Available using audio or video
  • Don’t have to be local
  • Consistent access, eg weekly appointments available (subject to availability)
  • Short waiting times currently (subject to change)
  • Reduced cost, telephone and Zoom sessions are £25 for up to 50 minutes

Why 50 minutes and not an hour?
Sometimes I will offer to send you resources, links or other information that might help inform the work we do together. The ten minutes after we’ve spoken allows time for a number of things, including sending these to you if that’s what we agree. It is standard practice for a counselling session to be this length, The price you pay is for 50 minutes.

What about more sessions?
The purpose of the initial consultation is to establish what you feel you need and how I can help. We might agree a plan of action which may include further sessions, but these are completely optional and can be scheduled to suit your budget. There is no obligation to book further appointments after an initial consultation. If you do decide to schedule a further appointment, you will be asked for payment in advance. (See cancellation policy below).

Is it confidential?
The content of our session is confidential. The only exception is if there is a concern about well-being or a disclosure of risk is made; if that is the case, appropriate conversations will take place. If you are struggling right now, you might decide to call the Samaritans in the U.K. on 116 123. They are a listening service that’s available 24/7, 365 days a year.

I work to an ethical framework which means I stick to important boundaries like time-keeping. It also means I receive regular supervision with a qualified professional; this is to ensure the work I do remains effective. Case work is discussed anonymously at supervision.

When booking your appointment, you’ll be asked your doctor’s name and address, so that I can advocate on your behalf if needed, your preferred method of contact (e.g. telephone or Zoom) and a contact telephone number in case I can’t reach you online at the time of the appointment (eg if internet is down).

Is there anything else for a telephone appointment?
If your appointment takes place over the ‘phone or via Zoom, I will ring or connect at the time of our scheduled appointment, via the contact details you’ve provided. You might want to check you have a good signal where you are, and also that you’ll have some privacy at the time of the appointment.

What about cancellations?
Once you’ve booked, you will receive an automated reminder either via email or text 48 hours before our scheduled appointment. If for any reason you can’t attend or need to reschedule, just provide two working days notice and you’ll avoid any cancellation charges.

A telephone or Zoom appointment normally costs £25 for up to 50 minutes. A face to face appointment (at my office in Milton Keynes) is in the region of £45 for up to 50 minutes.

What type of counselling is offered?
I use an integrated, holistic therapeutic approach which is based on a model called person-centred counselling. This offers compassion centred conversation to explore human potential. It means our session is led by you, and what you feel you need to talk about, where I may also draw on other strategies found to be helpful. This may include, for example, cognitive behavioural techniques or mindfulness.

If you would prefer a more solution-focused service, I also offer coaching and workplace supervision. This can include developing a personal self-care or well-being plan, or tailored strategy to help you achieve your positive intentions.

There are free listening services in the community for people going through a period of poor mental health or bereavement; here is a list of links to other agencies that may be able to help. If you are suffering with a severe or enduring mental illness, you may wish to speak with your doctor and ask for a referral to a community health care team first (which should be free to access in the U.K.).

I also offer counselling services to corporate clients, where payment can be made on invoice. Please get in touch to find out more.

How to book
You can express your interest in this service using the form below. Just complete your name, email address and a brief reason for getting in touch. You will receive a reply during working hours (usually Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm). The free initial consultation applies to counselling and coaching only (not dream interpretation). Please see exceptions below.

Please note: Initial consultation does not apply to dream interpretation. If you’d like to explore a dream over the ‘phone, please mention this in the form above and you will be sent a link to make your payment in advance. Alternatively click here for more information. I don’t provide counselling via email or text. Please note I can only work with one member of a family at a time.

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