Happiness is not where you might think it is

In my workshops I talk about happiness, that being the real meaning of it. I talk about how shops and online retailers will have us believe that in order to be happy, you need what they have. This image arrived in my inbox today, and is a perfect example of this.

The only problem is, that as soon as you buy what they’re offering, they’ll bring out a newer, better, faster version of it. The journey to happiness – the way retailers want you to believe – is long and expensive.

What if, though, it starts somewhere else?

Being happy starts with being at peace with yourself, and knowing that even when it all goes horribly wrong or as if the world has turned against you, you know who you are, and that you’re alright. That takes time, some patience and knowing where to start. We’re all different, so find your way to happiness without believing that a retailer can wrap it up for you.

(P.s. I deleted the email without even reading what they said I needed!)

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