A rest is as good as a change – using mindfulness for managing uncertainty

How do you feel about change?

We like to be in control, generally speaking. We like to feel prepared, to know what’s going to happen next, and – if change is coming – we want to be on the right side of it. 

In the Buddhist teachings, there is a lot of talk about change, specifically about accepting the ‘nature of impermanence’ – that nothing stays the same.  

It’s our attachment to the belief that things ‘should’ be a certain way, that causes us suffering. If (as an example) six months ago I had declared we must never speak of Brexit again in order for me to be okay, I would be a heap on the carpet right now. So we have to find another way to be okay. 

We can move towards a place of accepting what is, rather than how it should be. That doesn’t mean putting up with things we can change, but simply acknowledging that right now it’s like this.

This is where mindfulness can help. 

If you’re struggling with change right now (or lack of it), find your way into this present moment. Rather than thinking about the past or the future, and getting tangled in thoughts about how it used to be, or how you wish it was, simply notice that’s where your thoughts are taking you. Then bring your awareness back to your breath, because we don’t breathe in to the past or future. The breath is here now.

Simply observe the rise and fall of your tummy or chest, and rest into being here. Allow yourself these mindful moments, whenever you need to feel more at peace.

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