Mindfulness Courses in Biggleswade

If you’re intrigued about mindfulness, and want to know more about the benefits, there are two events coming up in Biggleswade you might like to join.

On 26th January 2019, there is a two hour Introduction to Mindfulness as part of Quiet Club, a new monthly meditation group starting in the area. In this session you’ll receive a warm welcome, a hot drink on arrival, and then learn more about this tried-and-tested way of life, proven to reduce stress and improve sleep. The cost is just £20 per person, it’s open to men and women, aged 18+, and no previous experience of mindfulness necessary.

Attendees will also receive free online access to the Mindfulness Starter Kit for 28 days, along with a discount code for future (evening) Quiet Clubs.

Date: 26th January 2019, 10am to 12pm. Cost: £20 per person. To book click here

On 28th February 2019, there is a six week mindfulness course starting in Biggleswade. During this course you’ll learn more about the topic and how you can apply it in every day life. Whether you’re sat on the bus, or having your evening meal, find out how mindfulness can help you manage your mind and lead a calmer life.

Date: 28th February 2019 for 6 weeks, 6.15pm to 7.45pm. To book click here

*Early Bird Discount Available* – book before the end of January using code BW10 and receive £10 off the 6 week course price.

Got a question? Send your enquiry in the form below.

Dates subject to availability.

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