Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to Helping You Sparkle™, a wellbeing service based in Milton Keynes promoting positive mental health and specialising in offering practical strategies for busy people, who want to achieve effective rest and relaxation.

This is me, Delphi (in the video above), a qualified Therapist and Trainer who helps people get their sparkle back.  I’ve been working in a therapeutic setting for over 10 years, and I work with busy people who need practical and useful ways to rest, relax and be happy in this busy world that won’t slow down.  I help with stress and anxiety management, as well as helping people carve time out of their busy schedule for my relaxation classes.  If that sounds like it might benefit you or someone you know, then get in touch using the contact form below or find out how to book.  Services available to private and corporate clients.

If you Sign up to Sparkle, my regular newsletter which sends positive mojo straight to your inbox, you will also get free access to the Members Area of this website containing free resources, designed to help you sparkle.  This includes the Sparkle Repair Kit™, a small but mighty eGuide containing top tips, worksheets and a Mindful Mandala to colour in (because, honestly, who doesn’t like to do that now and then?).  Over to you.


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