Relaxation for Busy People

You’re a busy person in a world that just won’t slow down.  You feel guilty for having time out, and if you do manage five minutes with your feet up, you’re thinking about all the things you could be doing with that time, right?  I hear you.

Rest and relaxation seem inconvenient, just like sleep; who has time for it these days? And, ironically, more people are having problems sleeping and relaxing – before long that takes its toll.

The links between lack of sleep and problems with health (and our ability to remember and concentrate), are growing. And it’s just one of the reasons I offer 1-1 sessions and group relaxation classes which are practical and useful, when carving time out of your schedule poses a challenge.  Send a message or call during office hours.  Private and corporate clients welcome.


Take a look at what’s available:

Relaxation Classes (through dedicated resource: Kindfully)

Serenity is a regular evening gathering for women in Milton Keynes.  Read more…

Mindfulness for Mums (and Mums-to-Be)

I also offer talking therapy or training services  – take a look at forthcoming events. Private and Corporate clients welcome.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for or have an enquiry, just get in touch.



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