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According to the Great British Sleep Survey, 82% of people are staying awake at night thinking about what they did today (and what they’ve got on tomorrow) with 79% of those people worrying about how long they’ve been awake.   In this complimentary guide, I offer five top tips which could help you achieve a refreshing, rejuvenating, sparkling night’s sleep.

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Disclaimer | We don’t provide clinical advice but we do offer up to date, researched and genuinely fascinating insights which can help. It’s always a good idea to chat through any physical, mental or spiritual health concerns you have with your doctor.

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Qualified Counsellor, Mental Health and Well-Being Trainer, and Mindfulness Practitioner. Creator of Monday Mojo™. Talks 'Lady Business', raising awareness of factors which predominantly affect Women's Mental Health like pregnancy and domestic abuse. Helping to improve the global conversation, and bring an end to stigma and shaming. Dream Explorer as seen on the telly. Avid tea drinker.
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