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Your question: Being Chased

“I looked in a book of dream analysis and read that being chased is a sign that one will have to work hard, but will be successful eventually. Is this true? And, can dreams mean something completely different if your culture and background is different?”

Being chased can suggest a situation is getting the better of you; it can also acknowledge the need to escape from something which may be taking over your life.

Consider who is being chased and who is doing the chasing; in many people’s dreams they do not know who they are being chased by, but simply know they are trying to get away.  This can be a reflection of a general problem, rather than something specific.  Have a think about how you can manage this problem so that in your waking life you can find a positive way to confront it.

With regards to the  cultural background – we are all different.  People with the same background or culture will still experience dreams – and life itself – differently, even if their approach to life is similar.  Interpretations of those dreams will depend very much on the individuality of the dreamer. In England, the culture is (generally) that dreams are unimportant.  Many eastern and other western  cultures which embrace all aspects of dreaming see them as a fundamental part of every day life, cultures like the Aborigines (and their belief in the Alchera) and Native Americans (and the role of dream catchers).

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